Posted on June 27, 2018 at 12:43 PM

You probably are very excited about moving abroad. You must be trying not to overlook anything while preparing for this major change. You must have also prepared a checklist.

But don’t you think choosing the right international moving company is the most crucial part of the process?

You have to gauge an international moving company. You have to go through reviews, customer testimonials etc.

That’s not it. Do you know know the right questions to ask an international moving company? If not then how will you evaluate them?

To help you with the same here are some questions you should ask the moving company before you hire them.

  1. Who will load the shipping container?

    Many a times what happens is the international moving company you hire would hire a third party to load the shipping container. In such a case don’t you think it’s necessary to evaluate even the third party?

    This is why asking them upfront about this will make things simpler.

  2. Are they going to pack things properly in crates?

    Ask them whether they are going to pack your household items in crates. If they don’t and directly load them in the container your goods are prone to damage. Especially if you’re moving fragile items or furniture you should insist to have them crated.

  3. Is your container separate?

    Most companies would like to mix your crate with others to lessen expenses. This would also reduce your cost but if you want to have a separate container then you should ask the moving company upfront.

  4. Do they have a license?

    This question must have crossed your mind but many of them don’t ask the company this obvious question. Research about the company you’re going to hire. Be discerning, Check for their legitimacy. Ask them if they have a license. Cross verify it. If they don’t disclose certain information then this could be fishy.

  5. Are the goods going to be insured?

    Check which insurance companies the moving company it tied up with. What kind of insurance are you getting and on what goods. Ask them if something is damaged then how much time would it take to reimburse the monies.

  6. Ask them for references?

    Going through testimonials on the companies website is one thing but you should also ask them for their clients reference. You should check the quality of work they have done this will give you an idea about what to expect from them.

    Also check how many years they have been in business and how many clients have they served

  7. How will the company deal with customs?

    Today, custom clearance has become more and more complicated with increasing restrictions.You don’t want your belongings to get stuck with the customs, do you? This would mean a high amount of storage fees and penalty.

    To avoid this mishap ask your moving company beforehand whether they have the experience in custom clearance.

  8. Who would you talk to during the move?

    Now-a-days many moving companies assign a dedicated moving consultant who would assist you during the move. This single point of contact should help you know the status of the consignment. They would also reassure that your belongings are safe and would reach to you on time.

    Once all these questions are answered by the moving company you can consider hiring it without any doubts.

    After this you only have to think about other things like making new friends at the new place and finally settling in.

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