Posted on January 24, 2018 at 12:43 PM

You have moved to a new place where you don’t know anyone. One of the toughest things to deal with in this scenario, is not having anyone to talk to, not having company to socialize with.

It is easy to start up a conversation by naturally saying hi and making small talk by asking for directions or something like that.

But to form a social circle to hang out with, you need to go slightly further than making small talk.

Here are 6 things you could do, to meet new people

  1. Your commute to your office or college

    A good way to get to know people, is to observe the faces in your regular commute. There will always be some faces you will see regularly along the same route of commute as yourself. Make eye contact and smile. They will start recognizing you as you start recognizing them. Which will eventually lead up to a conversation. You might end up as close friends or acquaintances. Either way, you will gradually get to know someone in your daily commute.

  2. Use the internet

    There is virtually nothing that cannot be done through the internet. Use the internet to meet new people. Sites like Meet Up and groups on Facebook and LinkedIn are quite useful.

  3. Similar interests

    Having the same interests as other people gives you something to talk about. You don’t have to look for a topic of conversation to introduce yourself to someone. If you like working out, join the nearest gym. Or use this strategy. Join for a “free trial month” and meet people in one gym. Then go for the free trial month in another gym and meet some more people. You can pull off a few months of free working out facilities as well as meet new people to form your circle. Two birds with one stone. Similarly, join classes and activities related to your interests and you will make friends in no time.

  4. Volunteer activities

    Kind of similar to the point about meeting people based on similar interests. But the added benefit here is that the kind of people you meet when volunteering for social service and such, is a generally nicer and more open crowd. Easier to talk to and befriend. Volunteer Match is a great place to look for opportunities to volunteer.

  5. Lend a hand

    If you see someone in need of help, lend a hand! Try and go out of your way to help someone if need be. You see someone doing some heavy lifting to carry some materials into their house, help. Help your neighbours with clearing out their lawns. Be involved and help in setting up society events for your apartment complex. This again serves two purposes. You will obviously interact with a lot of people, but the fact that you are helping around, makes you come across as a nice person and automatically makes people more open to you.

  6. Workplace friends and college friends

    Make friends at your workplace or college. They’re in a similar scenario as you and going through the same daily grind. They will probably sympathize with you the most. This will also be a social circle that you will meet pretty much daily. This will be the friend circle you will interact with the most.

It’s really all about patience and maintaining a rightful and genuine attitude when talking to new people.

Follow these simple tips and you shouldn’t have much difficult in building the right social circle for yourself in your new environment.

If you’re moving home for the first time, you are bound to have questions and queries. Don’t let the questions make you anxious. Ask your questions in the comments below, and I’ll help you out.

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