Posted on June 12, 2018 at 12:43 PM

Are you all set to move abroad? Are you ready to deal with the stress that comes along with moving? According to research moving is almost as stressful as going through a divorce. It’s also said that it makes you look and feel 2 years older than you really are. This is why preparing for this major change well in advance becomes extremely important.

Although you’re bound to feel disoriented and out of place at some point while moving there are some proven ways you could reduce this stress.

Here are some tips to make your international move easy

  1. Get all the paperwork needed in place

    Moving overseas requires a lot of paperwork in place like passports and visas. Moreover, if you’re moving abroad for work you would also need work permits. This kind of paperwork usually takes time and is recommended that you apply for them as early as possible. If you don't have the required time then check if there is any express service which can get the job done quickly. This service you cost you a little more but sometimes it’s worth it.

  2. Arrange your stay

    If you’re moving to another country for work your company should take care of your accommodation. But if that’s not the case then you might have to stay in a hotel or at some relatives place till you find a property to rent.

    You could also book your property before you move. There are many websites out there which would provide you property listings. Remember if you have your accomodation sorted well in advance then you have less of a headache.

  3. Your family is your strength

    Remember your family is all you need when you’re going through a emotional breakdown. You don’t need to go through it alone. Even if you’re moving abroad to pursue a job opportunity you can always be in touch with them, this will surely reduce your stress.

    You can also assign some tasks to each of the family members. Don’t go to do all the work by yourself.

  4. Hire a trusted moving company

    This will definitely reduce some stress. A professional moving company would handle everything from packing your household goods to delivering them at the destination.

    There are many moving companies out there so the most critical part is to choose the right moving company.

  5. Research your new location

    If you’re moving to a unfamiliar location then you ought to be disoriented. You may also go through several culture shocks. Therefore research about the new place. Look if there are any expat groups on social platforms where you could understand the cultural differences. See what is considered as an offence. It’s better you have a fair idea about the place before you move.

These are some tips which will come in handy when you’re moving abroad. Also, remember the more you plan and research about the place the less trauma you’ll go through.

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